Where facts speak louder than shouts

What do we do?

TrueDiscussion aims to solve the pains of the post-truth era by combining the knowledge and experiences of all people and facilitating a better understanding of what is true and what is not.

How do we do it?

TrueDiscussion offers a place for productive discussions. It measures and calculates all users' arguments and claims, providing a reliable, unbiased yes/no answer for any question, in every subject.

Why do we need it?

Since the rise of the internet, we are experiencing an information overload that only increases with time. With it, we see a growing amount of fake news and misinformation and it's getting hard to know who to trust and what is true. Sociologists are reporting an escalation in the levels of segmentation, mistrust and polarisation all over the world. Something has to change.

Help us make the change:

Meet Our Team

Keren Shimshi

Keren Shimshi - CEO

Keren is our Chief Executive. She has turned the fantasy of TrueDiscussion into existing technology. Graduate of Mamram and Ofek 324 with 15 years of experience in Web Development, Graphic Design and User Experience.

Noam Morey

Noam Morey - CPO

Noam is our product man. He invented the algorithm that calculates truth using his multidisciplinary background, that combines Computing, Machine Learning, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Diplomacy.


Samuel Akopyan - Lead Developer

Samuel joined TrueDiscussion in 2020 as a full-stack developer. Every feature, front-end or back - he had a hand in all. Before us, Samuel was the founder and chief programmer of ApPHP, a web software development company.